Molded parts, forged parts and procedures

Our high-quality casting processes, such as investment casting, sintering and MIM, as well as our forging technology, such as drop forging, are carried out using precise technologies with high dimensional accuracy and unlimited design freedom. Let us convince you of over 30 years of experience in the production of molded parts and forgings.

Investment casting

The precise casting process offers unlimited design freedom and allows us as investment casting manufacturers to carry out the optimal technical solutions for you at low cost. Whether cast steel, cast aluminum or the processing of stainless steel and aluminum alloys – all materials can be used without any problems.

With investment casting, small to very small molded parts can be manufactured inexpensively with minimal post-processing.

Products of investment casting by Richter Formteile.


The MIM process – also called injection molding process – combines diverse shaping options with a large selection of materials.

With the MIM process, the smallest molded parts can be manufactured with high accuracy and optimal surface quality. This enables us to economically produce injection molded parts with high geometric complexity even in large quantities.

Thanks to minimal post-processing, injection molding is an extremely economical casting process.

MIM Richter Formteile


These molded parts impress with their great design freedom, high precision and reproducibility.

Sintering takes place in just a few efficient steps without great material loss. During the casting process, the raw materials are used to a particularly high degree, combined with considerable energy savings.

As an experienced sintered parts manufacturer, we offer you a large selection of material alloys. This means that you have many options with this casting process.

Sintering Richter Formteile

Drop forging

These forged parts have an optimal fiber flow and thus ensure first-class component strength. Thanks to the unique repeat accuracy, drop forging can guarantee a long service life of the molded parts.

Due to the accuracy levels, forgings can be further processed in terms of shape and dimensions as end or raw part.

Larger quantities with a high level of complexity can also be produced very economically with this forging technique.

Products of drop forging by Richter Formteile.
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